Monday, June 2, 2008

Syngenta and Monsanto settle IP disputes

Monsanto and Syngenta reached an agreement yesterday under which they settled apparently all of their IP disputes. Under the terms of the agreement

  • Monsanto receives a royalty-bearing license to Syngenta’s enabling technology for dicamba herbicide tolerance.

  • Syngenta receives more favorable marketing conditions relating to its Bt11 trait for European corn borer control.

  • Monsanto and Syngenta agree to settle all patent, antitrust and commercial litigation between the companies and their subsidiaries. These disputes include: Syngenta’s antitrust action against Monsanto, all infringement cases on herbicide-tolerant and insect-protected corn technologies, and a dispute between the parties on herbicide-tolerant soybean technology.

  • Syngenta receives a royalty-bearing license to Monsanto’s Roundup Ready 2 Yield™ soybean technology.

  • Monsanto and Syngenta agree to cross-enable each other to develop and deliver innovative new herbicide-tolerant and Bt insect-protection products in corn, cotton and soybeans to compete for the business of farmers around the world.